About Us
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Team of Teachers


——“There is no bad student, just incompetent teacher.”

Luk Chan Chinese is strict with our teaching, and practice Chinese quality-oriented education by teams.

We focus on organizing and training high-quality Chinese teachers and management teams. Education is an undertaking that can be touching. Only high willingness to teach can succeed. Therefore, all teachers are chosen by Principal Luk Chan herself. With professional ethnics, they agree with the teaching principle of Luk Chan Chinese, embracing high responsibility and sense of mission to teach Chinese.


Teacher’s Qualification

Our teachers all graduate from key universities or normal universities in China, so they have a solid foundation in Chinese philology and applied linguistics. After living many years in Hong Kong, they are familiar with students’ habits and features of language using. Over 95% of our teachers hold master degree and our pronunciation teachers all reach the first level in Putonghua Proficiency Test of State Language and Character Working Commission.


Teacher Training

Relying on our innovative Overall Chinese Accomplishment Education system, Luk Chan Chinese is aimed at building students’ Chinese using and test taking ability. Our students’ Chinese level is closely related to the unique language cultural background and thinking habits in Hong Kong. So we deeply understand that the normal methods such as “targeted teaching for specialized course” and “teaching Chinese with Mandarin”, even with domestic textbooks are not sufficient to increase their learning capability. While paying high attention to teaching objects, teachers, textbooks and pedagogy must be extended on the bases of core and purpose designed by overall education. Therefore, the training of teaching practice matters in this process.

Principal Luk Chan has designed the Chinese International Teaching Practice Training for all teachers, cultivating a group of dedicated and excellent teachers with high teaching responsibility and capability. The development of talents cannot continue without training, and we feel greatly honored that our Chinese International Teaching Practice Training plan has won supports from Hong Kong government. In 2010, we were awarded the “Manpower Developers 1st” by Employees Retraining Board, being the first education institute which won this award.

In the future, we will continue accomplish our duty, and use our perseverance and dedication to teach every student.