Education Prospect of Luk Chan Chinese

—— To Cultivate Excellent Globalized Chinese Knowing Past and Present, Home and Abroad
The Overall Chinese Accomplishment is Fundamental to Develop Chinese International Education

Education is a process to cultivate student’s awareness of life. That is to say, helping our children learn to meditate in high-speed life and be calm in confusion. They will be influenced by cultural education and social values, so as to value the scientific heritage of Chinese language and culture.

The influence of education means to nurture students’ social awareness. Students need to know the social development at home and abroad. On the other hand, they should know the culture and history of their own nationalities and they should, on the other hand, be humble to understand and appreciate cultural exchange of the world. Foundation is the precondition of development.

Teaching our children to learn from this era and to live while learning. Education is intended to implant children with the best capability for living and creating future. Just like spring, our teachers in every generation moisten thousands of eager hearts, helping all students learn to fly as little eagle from the high mountain.

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